Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Jasmines is CKC Registered

Jasmine is fierce but lovable girl. Jasmine loves to cuddle. She will make any spot her own. She is very energetic . Jasmin is very stubborn. She will do everything on her own time and no time sooner. 



Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Luna is AKC Registered

Luna is CKC Registered

Luna is a fierce companion with an attitude of a 4 year old girl. Luna loves her toys and enjoys her usual

satisfying run outdoors. Luna is such a great eater who will eat almost anything. Howevwe, her favorite food is ice. She is full of so much energy she barly sleeps. When she do decide to sleep, she love to lay down with their buddies or their owners.


Breed: Miniature  Poodle

Phantom is CKC Registered

Genetic DNA Health tested

Phantom is our chunky monkey. He is our cuddly house couch potato. He is not energetic although he may have the zoomies from time to time. Every nook and cranny in the house is his hiding spot. Phantom persona is so diva-ish. He is stubborn when in his mood and only does things on his own time. Phantom is full of the most funniest facial expressions and behaviors.

Bebe Taylor

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Bebe Taylor is CKC Registered

Genetic DNA Health tested

Bebe will be Retiring 2021

Bebe is an energetic and gluttonous Cocker Spaniel. There are times when she's full of pent up energy and other times when she just wants to lay down next to her favorite owner. Bebe is a fiercly loyal and adorable ball of fur. She is the sweatest companion that has the goal of making her parent happy.



Breed: Shih Tzu

CKC paperwork is pending

Ember is our of our family. She is do lovable that you can't help but to love her at first site. Those big brown and blue eyes can attract the coldest of hearts. Ember is the perfect companion and is not aggressive with it. She will accompany you no matter what depspite what you are doing or type of environment. Being the baby of the family Ember has displayed on the best motherly affection and care for her babies making us love her more.