Frequently Asked Questions

What are our prices?


Solid Color: $1,500

Tri-Color: $1,800

Merle: $2,000

Yorkipoo: $1,500

Shihpoo: $1,500

How long until puppies can leave our care?

8 Weeks 

What payments we accept?

Google Pay


Apple Pay


Cash App

Card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, &Discover)

We do not accept money orders, checks or cashier checks.


Do we ship internationally?

No our company do not believe that young puppies can travel safely overseas.

How much does are puppy weigh at adulthood?

Thought we do not have an exact weight of our pups at adulthood the estimated weight is:

Cockapoos: 12-22 lbs.

Yorkipoos: 4-13 lbs. 

Are puppies kid/family friendly?

We provide our puppies many human to pup interactions to make them comfortable. Pups are not trained to be aggressive. We will relay all personality types with new owners before pups leave out premises. We ask that puppies only have supervised  play with young children. 


Are litters hypoallergenic?

No dog is completely 100% hypoallergenic. Though poodle mixes are hypoallergenic. Yorkshire Terrier and Shih-Tzu are also hypoallergenic. Cocker Spaniels are high shed dogs but when breed with a poodle their puppies usually become hypoallergenic.

Do we know when we will have other litters?

We do not have an exact date on when we will have puppies until our female is pregnant.

Here is our estimate:

Bebe Taylor: Winter and Summer

Luna: Spring and Fall

What colors are puppies likely to be?

Puppies usually change their colors until adulthood. We have no idea what color a puppy will become . Yorkipoo's can become a completely other color than the one they are born with. We will keep new owners up to date on new to puppies coats.

Do we offer a waiting list?

Yes waiting list are only available to those who are serious in purchasing a pup. 

Are costumers able to purchase puppies before they are born?

No we can not guarantee if mothers will breed or the amount of puppies are in a litter.

Are deposits refundable?

All deposits are non-refundable.  


Can you change your mind once you select a puppy?

You can only change your mind to purchase a new puppy. If puppy cost more you will owe the new price. This is only allowed if we have the availability. You cannot change to a puppy that is not born yet.

Are new owners or customers allowed to see pups in person before they pups leave?

No we have changed our policy to no house visits. By not having inhome visits litters has not has any parasites. We offer Skype calls.  You are only allowed to see the pup when its time for them to leave.