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  • Do we know when we will have other litters?
    We do not have an exact date on when we will have puppies until our female is pregnant. Here is our estimate: Luna: Every seven to eight months from birth of last litter Jasmine and Ember: In order to calculate the average months between litters another litter has to be born. Chanel and Faye: In order to calculate the average months between litters two litters has to be born.
  • How long have you been a breeder?
    We were established April 16, 2019. We have been breeding for over 2 years.
  • Where are you located?
    Fayetteville, NC 10 minutes away from Fort Bragg
  • Do you sell teacup puppies?
    We do not breed teacups. We have decided we will never breed any type of teacup pups. This is because many teacups are bred using unsafe breeding methods and there are many health issues associated with the breed.
  • How can we contact you after picking up the puppies?
    At any point throughout the lifespan of your pup owners are allowed to contact us. The best form of communication is text and email. HPP loves to see photos of our pups as they age. If owners need help with their pup throughout their lives, please be sure to contact us.
  • Can I meet the parents?
    Hart's Precious Pups offer clients to meet the parents. To meet the parents, owners will have to schedule a visit by contacting us. If we currently have a litter customers will not be allowed to visit. We also provide video calls to those who would like to meet parents.
  • What are HPP prices?
    Toy Poodle: $2,500+ Yorkipoo: $2,000 Shihpoo: $1,500
  • At what age can I take the puppy home?
    All puppies have to be 8 weeks old before they are allowed to leave our care. We do not allow our pups to leave our care before 8 weeks. We will allow puppies to leave our care at 8 weeks providing we personally clear them safe for rehoming.
  • Does Hart's Precious Pups ship internationally?
    No, our company do not believe that young puppies can travel safely overseas.
  • What can cause Hart's Precious Pups to not allow a puppy to leave our care at 8 weeks?
    If there is something worrying in the puppy’s development. If we deem a pup needs extra days in our care. Hart's Precious Pups will only allow the pup to be rehomed as soon as the situation has been solved. Examples of situations: By eight weeks the puppy is not independently eating dry food. If the puppy loses weight at an alarming rate a few weeks before rehoming date. If the puppy weight is not appropriate for traveling.
  • Do Hart's Precious Pups offer a waiting list?
    Yes, waiting list are only available to those who are serious in purchasing a pup. In order to apply for our waiting list please contact us.
  • Can I switch puppies after placing my deposit?
    You can switch puppy to an available puppy offered at our company. The puppy can be of a different breed. If puppy cost more or less, you will owe the new price. You cannot change to a puppy that is not born yet.
  • Are new owners or customers allowed to see pups in person before they pups leave?
    No, we have changed our policy to no house visits. By not having in home visits litters has not has any parasites. We offer Skype calls. You are only allowed to see the pup when it’s time for them to leave.
  • Can I return the puppy if there are any health problems?
    Hart's Precious pups offers 1 year health guarantee.
  • How much does are puppy weigh at adulthood?
    Thought we do not have an exact weight of our pups at adulthood the estimated weight is: Cockapoos: 12-22 lbs. Yorkipoos: 4-13 lbs. Shihpoo: 8-18 lbs.
  • Are our puppies kid/family friendly?
    We provide our puppies many humans to pup interactions to make them comfortable. Pups are not trained to be aggressive. We will relay all personality types with new owners before pups leave out premises. We ask that puppies only have supervised play with young children.
  • Are our litters hypoallergenic?
    No dog is completely 100% hypoallergenic. Though poodle mixes are usually hypoallergenic. Yorkshire Terrier and Shih-Tzu are also hypoallergenic. Cocker Spaniels are high shed dogs but when breed with a poodle their puppies usually become hypoallergenic. ​
  • What colors are puppies likely to be?
    Puppies usually change their colors until adulthood. We have no idea what color a puppy will become. Yorkipoo's can become a completely other color than the one they are born with. We will keep new owners up to date on new to puppy’s coats.
  • What should I feed my puppy?
    We currently feed our puppies Purina Pro Plan Puppy Toy Breed Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food
  • What payment methods do we accept?
    Paypal Apple Pay Zelle Cash App Card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover) We do not accept money orders, checks or cashier checks.
  • What's the price of our deposits?
    Deposits are $200
  • Are deposits refundable?
    All deposits are non-refundable.
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