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I agree to pay a total deposit of 17% of puppies total price which is a NONREFUNDABLE deposit on requested puppy. Deposits will be counted towards the total price of puppy. The puppy shall remain with Breeder at Hart’s Precious Pups LLC until the pup’s pickup date below. I am aware that my deposit is non-refundable should I decide not to take or want said puppy. If deposit is withheld by buyer, puppy will be place back on website for sale for another buyer and deposit contract will be voided. If Buyer changes their mind showing there was dishonesty in their questionnaire deposit will not be refunded. I am also responsible for notifying Hart’s Precious Pups LLC if a rehoming extension is needed to make the necessary changes.


After signing this contract and making a deposit payment, I am agreeing that if I do decide to choose a different dog other than puppy selected the owners at Hart’s Precious Pups has the right in being the only deciding factor in the decision to switch puppies. If the cost of the puppy is more or less, I am responsible for the price advertised of newly selected pup. I understand that my deposit being made does not mean that the puppy selected is fully mine. By making a deposit, I understands that I am placing a hold on my pup until total and final payment is made upon due date.



If I do choose to pick up pup after the due date, I understands that there will be a boarding fee of $50 per week in which I will be responsible for. If puppy is not picked up 1 week after the pickup date, puppy will then be place back on website for sale. I will be responsible for all puppy’s vaccination that will be due after their 8th week of age or original pickup date. Meaning if puppy is picked up 2 weeks after their 8 weeks pickup date, I will be responsible for puppy 10 week vaccination.


Total price for these extended days along with boarding fee and vaccination fee must be made before puppy is picked up.



I am agreeing to purchase puppy with a final payment which is due on or before pick up date. If choose option to do payment plans, I do agree that I will make payments until total is completely paid off and will take ownership. I understand that the puppy will not be able to leave the premises of Hart’s Precious Pups LLC until complete payment is made. I am responsible for all pet care and vaccinations after date written below.


*Hart’s Precious Pups LLC has the right to refuse anyone when it seem unfit.


*All sales are final unless unexpected incident occurs to pup while in our care




Buyer agrees:

To give dog/puppy the proper care, nutrition, and shelter necessary to allow the dog to achieve his\her full genetic potential. To provide routine veterinary care as well as care for illness and to assume the costs associated with this obligation. To have this dog groomed on a regular basis as required for good health and appearance.

At the time of purchase, he/she has the financial ability, adequate time and means to care for the dog properly for the duration of it’s life.

To contact the Seller immediately if any questions or concerns arise about the dog, such as housing, diet, or health. The buyer agrees to keep the seller informed of any treatment as it occurs. This provides the Breeder/Seller with an opportunity to follow up on puppies. This gives us important feedback information on the health on our dogs for future generations.

If at any time the Buyer can no longer retain possession of this dog, the Seller is to be notified and given first option of resuming full ownership of dog in order for the Seller to locate this dog a new home. Refunds, if any, will be at the discretion of the Breeder/Seller. The dog will be returned with all registration papers and medical records. Should any circumstances arise that affect the quality of life of the dog, the breeder/seller is to be informed so that they may participate in determining the future of the dog. The Seller reserves the right to approve/prohibit any transfer of this animal to a third party. Under no circumstances will this dog be sold, leased, traded or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory, animal shelter or similar facility.

The Buyer agrees to take good care of this dog, feed and house the dog properly {indoors}, maintain shots, control the dog on a harness or leash when in public and when off the premises of the dog's home. The dog's outdoor area will be fenced in and secure, or acceptable provisions will be made to assure the dog is safe any time he/she is outdoors. Buyer agrees to give the dog proper physical and emotional care along with their welfare. The buyer must agree to housing the dog indoors as its primary housing. If the dog is found to be allowed to run freely, running at large, creating a public nuisance, found to be neglected, abused, allowed to live in poor health or poor conditions the Seller has all rights to repossession of this dog with no refund to the buyer. If death, injury or loss of said dog due to theft, carelessness, recklessness, abuse, neglect, heat stroke or accident will not entitle the buyer to any compensation from the seller.

The Seller strongly recommends that the puppy/dog be micro-chipped in order to facilitate his return if lost or stolen.

This dog is warranted only for the purpose of being a companion animal, not for any other purpose or reasons. No warranty is given to the buyer for any special purpose or function of this dog. This dog is not to be used for any illegal or immoral activities. Puppy is not to be used for any type of puppy-mill, dog farm, mass producing or money making operation.


The seller's health guarantee is null and void if any of the conditions are not met, or if there is a change of ownership of this dog. Seller is not responsible for this dog if it has suffered neglect, mistreatment, or exhibits temperament faults that are the result of lack of training, neglect, or abuse by the owner. In addition, seller is not responsible for any damages or bodily harm either directly or indirectly caused by said dog. Legal costs derived from litigation involving this sale or contract will be the responsibility of the buyer.


Seller agrees to refund purchase price of puppy upon return to seller if within 72 hours of pickup the dog is found to be suffering from communicable illness attributable to the seller as determined by a licensed veterinarian and confirmed by lab results. Guarantee will exclude internal and external parasites. Guarantee is limited to the amount of purchase price and does not include incidental expenses or veterinary bills incurred by the buyer. Discovery of the disease within 72 hours of delivery of the puppy by seller to buyer must be documented in writing from the veterinarian, including relevant lab results, testing, and presented to the seller within one week of delivery of the puppy.


At the care of Hart’s Precious Pups LLC , our puppies has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and is said to be in good health at time of sale. Vaccinations are current along with heart-worm and deworming. Documentation of written proof will be provided at time of sale. Seller acknowledges that puppy is guaranteed for 1 year from time of birth against any life threatening genetics and/or hereditary diseases. Life threatening disease or illness must be considered untreatable. Many illnesses may be considered life threatening however, Hart’s Precious Pups LLC can only control or is responsible for those that are hereditary.

Hart’s Precious Pups LLC is not responsible for any lost pups. We are also not responsible for damage caused to or by the puppy. Buyer agrees to have puppy in a safe, healthy and stimulating environment. Buyer agrees to avoid the use of toxins that can damage the health of the pups such as essential oils, raw hides, caffeine products, chocolate and etc. Buyer agrees to perform the steps necessary to help prolong puppy’s life such as proper nutrition, walks, proper grooming, dental care, etc. Buyer must provide puppy with recommended checkups with a licensed veterinarian, be up to date on all vaccinations, have ongoing preventative treatments and proper nutrition of quality food to prolong life.

Proper vet documentation must be provided proving life threatening illness or defects in order for health guarantee to be honored. If puppy is found deceased or in need of euthanization, buyer is required to have autopsy performed by a licensed veterinarian who is able to provide proper documentation that death or euthanization is due to life threatening genetic illness. Hart’s Precious Pups LLC is not responsible for veterinarian’s bill.This health guarantee contract does not protect against:

- Accidents, contractable diseases or illness related to vaccinations - Illnesses that are preventative
- Genetic defects or illnesses diseases related to breed.

This health guarantee expires on puppies first birthday. After this date Hart’s Precious Pups LLC is not responsible for the well-being of puppy. If buyer is seem to have provided falsifying medical documents this health guarantee contract will be null and void.

Here at Hart’s Precious Pups Precious Pups LLC, we understand and sympathizes with our customers along with the care of our pups. If puppy is diagnose with any major life threatening health problems by a licensed professional we agree in the advance to replace puppy with a pup that is of equal or lesser value. If there’s not a puppy of equal value of current breed available, buyer will be given the option to wait for another litter of the same or a puppy from a different breed. Buyer will be responsible for any transportation fees towards replacement pups.

The preceding paragraphs contain conditions established by the Seller to ensure the well being of the puppy/dog. The Buyer’s agreements will continue for the duration of the dog’s life and the Seller will have the right to enforce the agreements.

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