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Deposit Contract 


I agree to submit a total deposit of either 17% or $340, whichever amount is greater, as a NONREFUNDABLE deposit on the requested puppy. Deposits will be counted towards the total price of puppy. The puppy shall remain with Breeder at Hart’s Precious Pups LLC until the pup’s pickup date below. I am aware that my deposit is non-refundable should I decide not to take or want said puppy. If deposit is withheld by buyer, puppy will be place back on website for sale for another buyer and deposit contract will be voided. If Buyer changes their mind showing there was dishonesty in their questionnaire deposit will not be refunded. I am also responsible for notifying Hart’s Precious Pups LLC if a rehoming extension is needed to make the necessary changes.


After signing this contract and making a deposit payment, I am agreeing that if I do decide to choose a different dog other than puppy selected the owners at Hart’s Precious Pups has the right in being the only deciding factor in the decision to switch puppies. If the cost of the puppy is more or less, I am responsible for the price advertised of newly selected pup. I understand that my deposit being made does not mean that the puppy selected is fully mine. By making a deposit, I understands that I am placing a hold on my pup until total and final payment is made upon due date.



If I do choose to pick up pup after the due date, I understands that there will be a boarding fee of $50 per week in which I will be responsible for. If puppy is not picked up 1 week after the pickup date, puppy will then be place back on website for sale. I will be responsible for all puppy’s vaccination that will be due after their 8th week of age or original pickup date. Meaning if puppy is picked up 2 weeks after their 8 weeks pickup date, I will be responsible for puppy 10 week vaccination.

Total price for these extended days along with boarding fee and vaccination fee must be made before puppy is picked up.



I am agreeing to purchase puppy with a final payment which is due on or before pick up date. If choose option to do payment plans, I do agree that I will make payments until total is completely paid off and will take ownership. I understand that the puppy will not be able to leave the premises of Hart’s Precious Pups LLC until complete payment is made. I am responsible for all pet care and vaccinations after date written below.


*Hart’s Precious Pups LLC has the right to refuse anyone when it seem unfit.


*All sales are final unless unexpected incident occurs to pup while in our care

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